The History of Thatchers

The original thatched cottage, with three bedrooms and one bathroom, was built in 1949 by Jill's father, Bob Bannatyne. In those years, French Street was the last road in the town and the back fence of the property met the veld.

Rob and Jill moved in during 1972 and over the years the cottage was enlarged and extended. In 1976, the Pub was built and remains the same to this day. In 1987, when their oldest son Mark pointed out that his parents could not retire in a house with 7 toilets, Jill suggested they open up  a guest house, and thus Thatchers Guest House was born.

Three years later, with only four guest rooms and a demand for more, the house next door was purchased and Thatchers expanded to nine rooms.

Rob was persuaded to give up his business and join Jill and daughter Nikki. Under his experienced bussiness hand, things moved swiftly. After some renovations, alterations, installations and decorations, more rooms were gradually added, creating a 17 room Thatcher's, including breakfast rooms and 22 toilets. In 2003, the Thatchers team obtained its 4 star grading and their first Accomadation Award. After some more planning and renovating, a water purification and filtration plant were added, alongside air conditioners, telephones and internet access were all installed and in 2004, after an in-depth inspection, AA awarded Thatchers with a "Highly Recommended" status.

However, no sooner had things calmed down, the family decided to to purchase the house on the other side of Thatchers and begin expanding even more in 2004. It was decided that they would now build units for especially for long-term and international guests. Work the began on executive units, each with a kitchenette and private patio. An entertainment room and braai area were added to make guests more comfortable, while adding a more welcoming experience. And Thatchers Mews came into being. In 2006, Thatchers then applied for the BEE rating and recieved the certifaction with 47.5 points.

By 2006, the horrors of building had faded, but another stand was bought and it began all over again. With the birth of Thatcher Manor, new self-catering apartments were built and were given the added luxury of their own secure parking and gate, along with a seperate lounge and study area. The layout, with large covered patios and spacious gardens, meant guests at the Manor had even more privacy.

And then, in 2007, Thatchers again won the AA Accommadation award, an achievement of great pride to Thatchers.

In 2009 a third corner stand was purchased, with the aim of building a home for Nikki and her 2 children, as well as a flat for Rob and Jill.

Although Thatchers now extend over 5 stands and consists of 38 units, the Thatchers family maintainted the policy to strive to provide their guests with a unique home away from home experience, where each guest is treated individually and with the utmost personal touch, whether they be private guests or here for business purposes.

Over the years, Thatchers has maintained their 4 Star National Grade status, despite the stricter criteria that had been set to bring South Africa up to standard with the rest of the world. In 2012, Thatchers was a Regional and the  a National finalist for the AA Accomadation Awards.

As time passed, some Thatchers staff left and Thatchers welcomed new members to their family. Giving their absolute best in everything, the staff at Thatchers maintained the quality of life, from the Office's and Rooms, to the Dining Rooms, that every Guest has come to expect from them.

2020 was a hectic year for Thatchers, as no one could have expected the impact the Covid-19 virus would have on the world and South Africa. With the whole world coming to a stand-still, Thatchers still managed to survive the knock to the worlds economy, once again proving their strength and convictions..